Lots of updates!

Hello backers! It’s been a busy few months working to bring Beasts to your tables across the globe. I know many of you are eager for some updates, so here’s quite a few! 

Print & Play Release

To start, the Print & Play version is ready for backers to download! Just look for the link ink your inbox!

We welcome feedback on the P&P and are happy to provide updates if anything is found to be amiss. Due to the nature of health tracking in this game by using a plastic clip, we have included a second form of health tracking more suitable for printing.

Art Updates

While the artwork we showed for the campaign was already pretty great, we have since realized there were still a lot of needed adjustments for the best possible print quality. Many of the images you’ve previously seen have now been enhances for more vibrant color, clearer detail, and an overall better game experience. Mixed with the upgraded linen finish and UV coating, these cards are really going to pop!

We also realized that the double sided sheet of paper being provided for the instructions was too easily damaged over the course of only light use. I’m very big on quality and providing lasting components. Because of this, we’ve upgraded to a 16 page, full color, aqueous instruction booklet you can preview here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LNUFX52VKYMRYkfAWnSBPazNzWQhPVAT

We also did a complete redesign of the box art to show off more of the amazing characters that Alisha Volkman has drawn. We feel it has more shelf appeal and excitement than the demo box we used in the campaign. Have a look at the mock-up:

 Of course, after all these updates, my original assessment of June/July fulfillment is not possible and I truly apologize for the delay. This is my first campaign and I really want to make sure what you receive is the absolute best possible product. Doing so has unfortunately taken more time than I accounted for, but once I have a definitive ship date I will be sure to share it with all of you. Until then, I will be sure to keep each of you updated on any new information as it becomes available.

I’m extremely grateful for each of you who have been so amazingly supportive and patient as we make sure everything in this game is “just right”. Thank you all so very much!


Through all of the artwork updates, I’ve been negotiating with over a dozen different printers to ensure we select one who could represent this game with the highest quality standards, as well as keep the same cut size we use for the promo cards we’ve given out at conventions. This has been a more daunting task than I ever realized and I’ve learned a lot from the process. Every company seems to use a slightly different card cut to make them unique. This really makes it difficult to shop around when you have many future expansions planned and do not want to be locked into one company. After careful evaluation we have selected Whatz Games in Shanghai, China to print the game. 

My only prior experience has been with US based company The Game Crafter, but dealing with Aaron and his team at Whatz has been going really well. They have very specific standards for artwork, which lead to some of the previously stated realizations and needed updates. We still plan to continue to use The Game Crafter in the future for promo cards, replacement health clips and possible short run addons and expansions, but Whatz Games will be printing this flagship and I couldn’t be happier with them, so far.

Custom Dice

Using Whatz has opened up a door for us to customize our dice to exact pantones, instead of just ordering pre-made dice in standard colors. This is a fantastic option since a few of our character’s colors are definitely non-standard.

Pledge Manager

We are diligently working with the team over at GameFound to provide a quality pledge manager for Beasts. We are still learning the system, but we think it will definitely work in the favor of our backers. Hate pledge managers? Don’t worry, we will still send out the Kickstarter survey form. The benefits of a pledge manager is if you decide you’d like to add another copy of the game or upgrade to a higher pledge level, you can! The Kickstarter survey doesn’t give you this type of flexibility, but is great for those of you who are already happy with their current pledge.

Addon items that will be available in GameFound:

  • Pledge level upgrade
  • Additional game copy
  • Premium T-Shirt
  • Event and Resource Play-mat

Expansion Concept Playtesting

We are giving each of you access to the demo Print & Play of the first expansion concept we are playtesting, entitled Revenge of the Dodos. In 3+ player games, eliminated players take control of a special revenge deck they can use to cause havoc for the remaining beast players. Each card depicts a special dodo with unique abilities and fun artwork. 

Your goal is to eliminate all of the remaining beast players. Sound easy? Guess again! The final 2 beast players must be eliminated simultaneously for the revenge deck player(s) to be victorious. This can add an element of co-op in 4+ games as each of the revenge players keep their cards hidden from beast players, but can share and strategize with each other to determine the best path to victory.

We are having a fun time with this expansion concept and we think you will too. We’d also really appreciate any feedback you can provide about your experiences with it.

Look for the Revenge of the Dodos demo expansion concept in your inbox soon!

That is all for now, again I truly apologize for the delay but I’m very excited for all the changes and upgrades we have coming for this game. A backer recently told me they’d rather wait for quality than receive sub-par quickly. I also have a few projects I’ve backed that I’m eagerly awaiting, so I definitely understand the excitement as well as the patience it takes to support a project like this. I truly feel blessed. 

Hopefully these print & play files help curb the edge for a little while! 😉

Until next time,

Derek Zyn

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